Laura Arechiga


I began my career as an agent in 2003. I've worked with every sort of client - from first-timers to experienced homeowners to pure investors drawn to the rich opportunities of this market. I've handled a wide range of properties, from humble "fixers" to fine architect-designed homes. I've done nearly every kind of sale and handled single-family homes, multi-unit buildings, raw-land and mixed-used facilities.


My family roots are in real estate. My father was a successful East Bay mortgage broker for over 40 years. He built his business by building relationships, he is above all an honest man, and his clients trusted him. I like to think he passed his values onto me. 


I was born in Berkeley and raised in the Oakland Hills. I attended both private and public schools in the East Bay. I've lived all around this nature-blessed area, in Alameda, Berkeley and both Claremont and Panoramic Hills. 


I enjoy the business side of being a Realtor - I came to real estate after several successful years doing marketing for major Internet companies. I also relish getting my hands dirty exploring a crawl space and examining an old foundation or an ancient furnace. But the special ingredient I bring to my job as an agent is my training as an artist. I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking from the University of New Mexico, and my aesthetic eye lets me see possibilities and limitations in a space that others miss.  


The shorthand version of my life story is that I'm an East Bay native proud of, and in love with, her community. I work hard, both in the office and at the property. I invest in relationships, balance my intuition with wide research and hard data, and put my talent and expertise to work for you.


3070 Claremont Ave Berkeley, CA 94705 

Tel 510-701-5188, laura.arechiga@gmail.com

CALBRE Lic#01388149




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