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Buying a home is exciting, but it can also be disorienting. As you view properties and ponder values and asking prices, your standards can start to shift or blur, and pretty soon you've lost sight of what you truly want. To simplify the process and keep a clear perspective, it's best to have a strong sense of what's negotiable and what's essential, what you'd like to live with and what you can't live without. Every home purchase involves compromises, but you began this difficult process with specific needs. When you complete it, you want to feel those needs have been met.


Still, shopping for a home will change your outlook and aspirations, at least a little, perhaps a lot. Talking through these changes with you is a crucial part of my job as an agent. 




All-cash deals are growing more common, but most people mortgage-finance their home purchases, either through a broker or directly through a bank. If you plan to mortgage-finance your purchase, you will need a pre-approval letter from your lender. This letter, included in your offer paperwork, is based on your income, assets, and credit history. It assures the seller that, if yours is the winning offer, you will have the financing to complete the sale. 


You're busy, and buying a home is time-consuming. You don't want me wasting your time showing you properties that don't fit what you're looking for. So I sift through the inventory and allow you to focus on homes that match your unique vision. I customize an MLS search that alerts you to new listings matching your criteria. I also attend weekly broker's tours and tour on my own daily. The result is a better, more efficient, less frustrating effort to find you a home that best meets your needs.


Buying a home the right way requires technical knowledge and experience most people just don't have. That's why you hire an agent. I have that knowledge and experience. I know how to read reports and disclosures. I know how to assess the condition of a house, its physical structure, its working systems, and its cosmetic details. I know how to craft an offer. And I know how to negotiate the most favorable terms for my client.




I suggest you get a feel for different neighborhoods by exploring on your own. Finding a neighborhood that feels like you is key to being happy in your new home. Once you learn which neighborhoods suit you best, we can bring our search into tighter focus, until we've found you the right house in the right place. 




I'm an Oakland and Berkeley native. My parents still live in the Oakland Hills home where I grew up and I live in the Berkeley hills with my husband, son and daughter. I have deep, extensive roots in this community. I've been working full-time as an agent here since 2003, building a solid reputation and strong relationships, refining my intimate knowledge and feel for the East Bay, its neighborhoods, its architecture. This is a special place. I'm lucky to call it my home, and I'm privileged to help you find a home here too.  

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