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People sell their homes for many reasons - necessity and opportunity, life-changes and job-changes, frustration and expense. The decision to sell normally rests on sober calculation, the careful balancing of these and other factors, but the experience is something else. Leaving a home you've tended like a garden for many years can be sad, even wrenching. You've lived and loved in this place, perhaps raised children, spoon-fed them in its kitchen, kissed them goodnight in its bedrooms, said goodbye to them from its front steps. On other hand, you may be merely relieved, or delighted, thrilled to make a change, pleased to realize a healthy gain on a major investment.


Every decision to sell involves a unique balance of reasons, its own mix of feelings. But whatever your reasons, and whatever the decision means in your life, my job as your agent is to listen and understand, then guide you through the process.




Whether we're selling your family home, first home, investment property or pied-à-terre, we start by determining its market value. This is about more than compiling sales data. It’s about interpreting that data. There is no simple formula. There's nuance in every sale, quirks and idiosyncrasies in every house. Some houses, though, are quirkier than others, and these quirks can have a material effect on value. I have a good eye for the little things that define a house, make it stand out from the crowd, and I am constantly learning and re-learning the local inventory. So I will know how your house compares - and how it contrasts - with the market as a whole. 


It takes many skilled hands to sell a home the right way. The stagers, photographers, sketch artists, landscapers, painters, contractors, and handymen I work with are both talented and reliable. They are my team. Together we set your property in the best possible light, so that it will bring the best possible price. And we do this fast, with friendliness and professionalism - and a minimum of hassle.




You need an agent who knows this market, understands your goals, and can explain the details and complexities of a home-sale in plain language. I'm friendly and personable, a good companion through this process, but happy-talk and pleasing illusions do the home seller no good. My greatest value to you, then, lies in my honesty. Together we will build a successful strategy for selling your home based on the facts - seen clearly, grasped deeply, shared honestly and skillfully marketed. I look forward to working with you. ​

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